I accomplished stuff

I worked today. Hard. Actually got a lot done. Strange for a Monday.

Went to the eye doctor at 4:40. Got a new prescription and possibly engaged.

Went to Best Buy and had my new radio installed in my car.

Went to BJ’s Wholesale (like Costco) and got new regular and sun glasses.

Came home and cleaned the kitchen.

And was done by 8pm so I could eat and get ready to watch How I Met Your Mother, since I love Neil Patrick Harris. It starts now. So. Later.


Weekend Wrap up

Saturday I babysat for princess while sister worked. Guess who didn’t nap. Guess who did. I’ll give you a hint, the little one is the one who didn’t nap. (ok, that’s just telling) And my nap was only like 3 minutes before she decided to say hi and sit on my head. She was sooooo tired she couldn’t walk straight and was crying at everything, but nope, no nap for the little brat stinkbutt princess. Sister got to my house at about 5 or so. We decided since the kid was on her 90th energy hit, we would try Indian food. Yeah, she fell asleep on the way there. Indian food and a cranky 2 year old is not a good combination so we got it all to go. After we ordered, we wrapped it up and left. You’re welcome to the other diners.

We got back to my place and we were eating when someone almost fell asleep in her food (again, wasn’t me or my sister) so we went to put her down. ENGERY BOOST or look how cute I am. Which was fine, the later to sleep, the later to wake up (in theory) She woke up at about 6:30 or so. We watched Sesame Street (ok, she watched it and let me and my sister go back to sleep for an hour (Except when she sat on my head with an offensive diaper).

After breakfast of eggs and blackberry chocolate chip bread, we decided to go to Ocean City, NJ (or down the shore) It was about an hour ride and a beautiful day. The boardwalk, while typical, t-shirts and food stuffs, was nice and the water was amazing. Sister took princess down and she loved the water She fell down and got soaked and laughed. She called the water to her “mere wa-wa – mere” she told it to “dop” while holding up her little hand. And the ice cream. She just stuck her little face right in and ate it up. Sister got smart and got her vanilla. I got choc and mint mix. Yummy. Says the 35 and 2 year old.

Btw…33 days until my birthday. It’s important to note that.

When we got home, we hung out and then Sister and princess went to a store for some presents for people with babies that aren’t ours and then tried to get home. She hit the brigde as the Eagles/Giants game let out. GIANTS WON. My dad was happy they pulled it out in OT. Yeah for my daddy.