It’s not a memory unless it’s remembered

On 12/14/05 I wrote

Yesterday was crappy. Today was crappy but not as crappy. Then I went to pick up BG (the princess) from daycare. Sister works late every Wednesday and I babysit for the littlest princess. Watching her discover things and play and learn, makes everything else go away.

Too much work, not enough time to do it. Watch a one year old bang plastic plates together to hear the noise.

Boss annoying and to in your face – have a one year old play puppets with your feet and discover they don’t come off while laughing hysterically.

Realizing you have another 2 hour meeting during the day and will get even more behind in your work.
Have a one year old put her arms up for you to hold her when she’s crying.
Have a one year old crawl over to you at super speed to give you a hug
Have a one year old try to say I love you back in her little babble voice.


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