All states have silly laws

Alabama – Illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church

Alaska – Illegal to wake a bear for the purpose of photography – although it is legal to shoot a sleeping bear

Arizona -it is illegal to hunt camels (which is why they are taking over the state)

Arkanas – in Little Rock, if a man and woman flirt with each other in the street, they could be jailed for 30 days

California In San Francisco, it is illegal to wipe one’s car wiht dirty underwear (and you would do it why)

Colorado  – Illegal to go out in public dressed in clothing unbecoming to one’s gender

Connecticut – to be officially considered a pickle, it must bounce

Delaware – It is illegal to wear pants that are form fitting around the waist

Florida  – unmarried women can be arrested for parachuting on Sundays

Georgia – has a law prohibting people from saying “Oh, boy” in public

Hawaii – it is illegal to insert pennies in your ears (but quarters are ok)

Idaho – in Pocotello it is prohibited for pedestrians and motorists to display frowns, grimaces, scowls, threatening and glowering looks, gloomy and depressed facial appearance, all of which reflect unfavorably upon the city’s reputation

Illinois – In Chicago, it is illegal to take a french poodle to the opera (but labs are ok)

Indiana – Monkeys are forbidden to smoke in South Bend.  (which is so mean to forbid it, what if they have a pack a day habit)

Iowa – State law forbids any establishment from charging admission to see a one-armed piano player (cause stuff that cool should be free)

Kanas – it is illegal to practice knife thowing at any man in a striped shirt (polka dots are better targets)

Kentucky  – it is illegal to marry the same man 4 times

Louisiana – it is illegal to gargle in public (which is good, because it’s also gross)

Maine – in Portland, it is illegal for men to tickle woman under the chin with a feather duster (to easy)

Maryland – it’s illegal to mistreat oysters

Massachusetts – Mourners at a wake can not eat more then 3 sandwiches (so eat before you pay your respects)

Michigan – A man legally owns his wife’s hair.

Minnesota – Women may face up to 30 days in jail for impersonating Santa Claus

Mississippi – You can’t kill a squirrel with a gun in a courtroom.   (but go crazy on the judges)

Missouri – Women are forbidden from wearing hats that might frighten timid persons, children or animals

Montana – It is illegal to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the wheels

Nebraska – Barbers are forbidden from shaving their customer’s chest

Nevada – Everyone walking the streets of Elko must wear a mask  (Ok, I would pay to see that)

New Hampshire – It’s illegal to sell the clothes one is wearing to pay off a gambling debt

New Jersey  – it is illegal to pump your own gas.  ( I don’t think this is strange, I don’t have to get out of my car in the rain or snow, that rocks)

New Mexico – A newspaper can be fined if is misspells a person’s name in print

New York – It is disorderly conduct in NYC for one man to greet another on the street by placing the end of his thumb against the tip of his nose, at the same time extending and wiggling his fingers on his hand

North Carolina – You can’t use elephants to plow the cotton fields

North Dakota – In Fargo, one can be jailed for wearing a hat while dancing, or at a party where there is dancing

Ohio – In Cleveland, women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes

Oklahoma – You can be arrested for making ugly faces at a dog or getting a fish drunk (but go to town on the cats)

Oregon  – As of Jan 2000 all 5 bedroom houses will be evacuated and searched by police for drugs every 2 months

Pennsylvania – Where you cannot file a cannon at your wedding

Rhode Island – It’s illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley

South Carolina – No horses are allowed in the Fountain Inn unless they’re wearing pants

South Dakota – It’s illegal to lie down down and fall asleep in a cheese factory

Tennessee – In Memphis restaurants, it is illegal to give any pie to fellow diners, to take unfinishe pie home and all pie much be eaten on the premises

Texas – It is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts

Utah – the great state where birds have the right of way on all highways and you cannot fish from horseback

Vermont – You can not whistle underwater (I can’t do that in any state)

Virginia – It is forbidden toflip a coin in an eating establishment to determine who’ll pay for the coffee (but you can do it to see who’ll pay for the tea)

Washington – It’s illegal to pretend one’s parents are rich

West Virginia – No clergy members may tell jokes or humorous stories from the pulpit

Wisconsin – No butter substitutes are allowed in state prisions

Wyoming – From the land of big hats, it’s illegal to wear a hat that obstructs people’s views in a public theatre or place of amusement