Why I’m nuts

I’ve mentioned before (I think) that I have shoulder issues. I have bursitis. It sucks. I also have some pain in my arm on the inside of the elbow that runs down my arm and causes numbness in my hands and I sort of lose feeling in my hand. Always good when driving.

I made an appt with an ortho. It was cancelled, I rescheduled. It was cancelled.

Now I have to find an ortho and a neuro (I had to find a neuro before, but didn’t)

Anyway. I read medical records for my job. If I read that someone has shoulder pain, it’s the same thing I have. So far I self diagnosed a pinched nerve, a herniation in my c spine and damage to the ulnar nerve (most likely)

Now, I was watching House (I loves that show) and decided I had scurvey. No, I don’t have gross nails or anything. And I didn’t really decide I had scruvey as much as decide I NEED ORANGE JUICE AND I NEED IT NOW or my hair was going to fall out. So I bought OJ the next day (or maybe 2 days or whenever) but of course I forgot and didn’t drink it yet. So my hair is going to just fall out overnight because House said this girl had Scurvey.

I can’t watch medical dramas. I decide I have every disease they have. Which was great when ER had someone with prostate problems.


9 thoughts on “Why I’m nuts

  1. A friend of mine is like that. She reads too many books about veterinary medicine, and now she thinks her horse has every disease there is! 🙂

  2. The same thing happened to my friend when he was getting his masters in psychology…he had every psychological problem described. I already know I do, without having to take any classes.

  3. R – and yet, I still forgot to drink my oj this morning. With extra pulp for yummyness.

    Practical Chick, Yes and had a shot. It hurt, but mother of 2, you is a wimp.

    Fab, shut up.

  4. Bursitis sucks. Ask for a big shot of steroids in your shoulder. It will hurt like nobody’s business when you take it (you might even pass out if you are a sissy like me) but in about a week, your arm will feel brand new…and it might last for about six months!

    Yes, you are nuts. That is why I like you.

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