Picture time

A windmill. My neice loved watching them. So, of course I had to take a picture of it.

An old fashion wagon. This was outside the Farmers Market next to the hotel

There was also a petting zoo. They had a Llama. Not the healthiest looking thing I have ever seen. But it was still pretty neat.

The princess fell asleep in the car so we went driving around. The road was so close to the cow that I just opened my window to take a picture

Also, when the princess was sleeping, we stopped at a stop sign and there was a horse and buggy behind us. This was taken through the rear window. Gotta love Amish Country. Can’t tell what smells worse, diaper girl or the transportation.

Seriously the best sign I have ever seen. I have no idea what it means, but it’s just awesome.

Told you there was Intercourse. It’s not my fault everyone has a dirty mind. I said I was going to Lancaster. It’s Amish Country. The town we stayed in was Bird in Hand PA. The next town over is Intercourse PA. We also drove through Blue Balls Pa. Those Amish, no buttons, but a sick sense of humor.

Underneath the Intercourse Canning sign, says Parking in rear. Ok, my mind got dirty also.

And by the way, only one person knew I meant Intercourse PA. What is wrong with you internet people


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  1. Ha! Brake retarders? Wth? What can that possibly mean – I’m so intrigued! Also didn’t know there was a Blue Balls, PA! I mean, come on, obviously they haven’t changed the name because it brings in the tourists.

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