Did you miss me?

I know you did.    That’s so sweet.   So we had a great weekend.  The weather ended up being beautiful.   The hotel had an indoor pool and a hot tub.

I have pictures but I left my card reader at my sisters.  So I will remember it when I go babysit the princess on Wednesday and show pictures.  One involves intercourse.    (interested yet?)


11 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. I did. I missed you. I kept clicking the link to you rpage and then going “oh, wait! she’s not there!” but it was always too late and I was sitting here looking at “Another Weekend” over and over and over…

  2. This has nothing to do with your post, but I want to compete in your “Name my iPod” contest – I vote that you name your iPod “Big Fine Mama”.

  3. Uisce – We (my sister and the princess and I) were at a hotel not far from where we live. More to come

    Fab – You know you missed me, a lot, and you shall see.

    Shelli – I missed you most of all

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