Say it ain’t so

Just bad….I will do that thing that makes you have water leak out your eyes

(I am soooooo upset about this I forgot what it’s called)

 It’s just bad    My love for Joss Whedon is well documented. Buffy, best show ever.  Angel…rocks.   Firefly, cowboys in space.  Brilliant.  And Adam Baldwin.   Bonus.

But this…HELL TO THE NO   No Joss, I forbid it.  Absoulutely forbid it.

And what sucks, even if it’s true, I’ll still see the movie. Because Joss Whedon and Wonder Woman.   What a combo.


2 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so

  1. I heard this in the car this morning and nearly ran off the road. Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock or whatever her name is? What part of this am I not getting here?

    Let’s all pray they pick an ACTOR for the roll. Remember Jessica Simpson? Painful. Truly painful.

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