Um, yeah, so

remember how I said my I-pod was dead and then it wasn’t. Well it is again. It’s just gone. So I am getting a new one. I was gonna get the same one but then I figured (and several people commented) that I should get a newer better one. But they are expensive. Then I realized, I can use American Express points for it. But I don’t have enough points. So my parents used their points (73,000+) to get me a

60GIG VIDEO IPOD IN BLACK It’s beautiful. I love it. I can’t wait to get it, hopefully before I go away on Friday.

I will post a picture and will be holding a contest. What should I name it.

Anyone can enter. The prize, knowing there is an I-pod in NJ you named and I will let you pick one song that I must download. And I will take a picture of it on the screen so you know it’s really on my i-pod. Any song (which could be dangerous, considering some of the minds of some of the people who read this)

Ain’t that a great prize.

So I had an eye doctor appt today.  Just a well visit to get my vision checked, then I was gonna get new glasses.   My appt was at 5.  At 5:45 they told me they don’t take my insurance.  Luckily, I hadn’t seen the doctor yet so I didn’t owe anything, but when I made the appt last week, they took my insurance.   Stupid job changed eye coverage and never sent out new cards or told anyone.  So now I have to find an eye doctor that takes my plan so I can get my eyes checked and I REALLY WANT NEW GLASSES  and I REALLY NEED NEW SUNGLASSES  Yes, I really do and since I have to wear prescription sunglasses, I  need my vision checked.

And no, I don’t wear contacts and don’t want the eye surgery.  I like glasses so there.


5 thoughts on “Um, yeah, so

  1. I like Whiskey’s suggestion: Librapod. He picks good names. He helped me with naming my laptop. How
    ’bout BlackBitch? BB? Shelli? Shellipod? ‘Retha? Okay that’s it.

  2. Ooh, nice parents! OK, how about Black Label? Johnny Black? Walker Black? Hmm, let me go drink some Jack and try again. Jack Black!!!! No? Um, Licorice, oh just kidding. The Black Duck. OK, getting worse. Stopping now.

  3. Usually I have to hold a device in my hands before I can name it, but let’s see…

    how about “Pepe”

    no? ok, I was just warming up. how about “Librapod”

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