Um, yeah, so

remember how I said my I-pod was dead and then it wasn’t. Well it is again. It’s just gone. So I am getting a new one. I was gonna get the same one but then I figured (and several people commented) that I should get a newer better one. But they are expensive. Then I realized, I can use American Express points for it. But I don’t have enough points. So my parents used their points (73,000+) to get me a

60GIG VIDEO IPOD IN BLACK It’s beautiful. I love it. I can’t wait to get it, hopefully before I go away on Friday.

I will post a picture and will be holding a contest. What should I name it.

Anyone can enter. The prize, knowing there is an I-pod in NJ you named and I will let you pick one song that I must download. And I will take a picture of it on the screen so you know it’s really on my i-pod. Any song (which could be dangerous, considering some of the minds of some of the people who read this)

Ain’t that a great prize.

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