I can’t think of a title

Shelli made a comment about my brother haveing a blog he doesn’t use.  I re-read the entry and don’t see anything about my brother having a blog. But what’s funny is he does have one.  Well sort of.

See, he set up a blog but it’s password protected.  Only my parents sister and I have access to it.  It’s so when the family goes on vacation, they can do podcasts and stuff from the road.  They did one podcast where LN is talking about Zorro.  The kids in his class take the parts and sword fight the bad guy who calls people poop.   5 y.o boys.  Cute right.

Anyway he graduates daycare on Friday and starts kindergarten.  He’s going to learn to drive soon.

The 8 y/o  NE starts 3rd grade.

And the princess is going to be 2 soon.  We were talking about her adoption over the weekend.   My brother and sil have a friend who adopted from China about 6 years ago.  Maybe longer, I don’t remember how old her daughter is.  Anyway, every year they celebrate Gotcha day.

She gets the scrapbook out and shows her daughter pictures and stuff.  I am going to make one for my sister for her and the princess.  It’s obvious that she’s adopted but we want her to not be afraid to talk about it.  (well I do anyway)

She is hitting the terrible 2’s but good.  Sister is trying to get her to say please.  Sometimes she does, but most often she doesn’t.  My sister was sitting on the sofa and the princess wanted her to move.  My sister said – say please and she wouldn’t and cried and screamed and everything.   Then started asking for me.

Chachel, chachel.  Crying my name.  I don’t know what she thinks I would have done.  I would have made her say please also.

But…..it turns out.  When I was little, I wanted my mom to put my shoes on and wouldn’t say please.  So I had a tantrum and kept yelling for my sister since my mommy was being mean (at the time)  Sister, I want my sister   sister I want my sister (except I used her real name since I couldn’t say sister at the time (trouble with the R sound))

So, the princess is officially one of us.  She has been sucked into our family way. She has our temper, our sense of humor, our cuteness (trust me on this) and loves the boys (her cousins) and follows them around.


Blog Mad

I joined Blog Mad.  I don’t really know why but it seemed all the cool kids were doing it.

Thanks to Mr. Fab for the help.  I tease and mock him, but he was very helpful last night so THANKS DUDE, YOU ROCK.    And since I don’t know my neighbors, if they talk to you, let me know if they are nice so I know if I should bother talking to them.   I will tell them your my crazy uncle that escaped the institution.  Strange  but harmless, institutionalized because of a strange and scary love for lemurs.    And yes, you were my first Blog Mad hit.  At least the first to admit it.

Also, I had a strange dream that I called him Joe for some reason (it was an email dream, which makes it even stranger) and I know that isn’t his name.

I’m still not sure I understand blog mad but I’ll try.