My bed

Just testing the photo upload and my camera. I have to use photobucket to upload pictures. Does anyone else.


11 thoughts on “My bed

  1. Your bed looks so comfy! I wish I could sleep in it. Well… not like that. I just wanna sleep somewhere comfy. Apparently my body doesn’t think anything’s comfy in my house.

    Photobucket… I usually upload pictures through them. The photos show better… I think anyway.

  2. Nice quilt. You know you’re just asking for trouble by putting a photo of your BED on the internet, though. For god’s sake woman! I don’t use Photobucket but I’d be interested in hearing about it. I just used stupid Blogger.

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  4. Hi! I will try and do a post on Flax Seeds, Flax Oil, and Flax Meal today! The seeds have a nutty flavor…slight. You could probably omit that from the recipe I posted and it wouldn’t make a difference. I usually use Flax Oil on my bagels in the morning and sprinkle Nutritional Yeast over top (for Omega Vitamins)

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