A sad day in Libragirls house

It’s dead.

I don’t normally get emotionally attached to my electronic items (shut up, get your mind out of the gutter) but I LOVE MY IPOD. A lot. No, I never named it, I’m not clever enough for that, but DAMN IT I LOVED IT.

Hopefully it’s only a battery and nothing more serious like actual death

I don’t want to get a new one. But I will because driving w/out music (shut up, I know there are cd’s but really, this is more convenient and less messy).

Of course, I have no music on my computer, luckily the stuff I downloaded is all saved on cd’s but then I have to reload it onto my computer and then onto the i-pod and then delete it since it takes up so much room in my computers memory. If it’s not the battery, my mom and dad may use their American Express points to get me an new one. I won’t get the video one, that’s just to dangerous. I will get the 60 gig black i-pod which I will love and hug and kiss and cherish.


10 thoughts on “A sad day in Libragirls house

  1. You know this is just tragic. I am not sure which is worse, your stalker not stalking you or the death of an iPod. Okay, iPod. Hands down. You have to name them when there are 4 iPods loading from one computer so that the computer knows which one is plugged in. That is the only reason that ours are named.


  2. You can just get a refurb with a new battery at the Apple store. It’ll be like it never went away. That’s what I did.

    Because you know the second you get the new one, they’ll come with an even better one.

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