Hee – hee

So, have you visted my stalker yet.
Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Welcome back.

So, is my enjoyment of Tucker Carlson being on Dancing with the Stars wrong.  It feels dirty to enjoy something so much.  I may have to watch.   Just because   TUCKER CARLSON ON DANCING WITH THE STARS.    That’s just funny on soooooo many levels.  I have to no words to describe how much I enjoy the idea and how much it’s mockworthy.  Seriously… TUCKER CARLSON   I can’t describe the joy of seeing him embarassed and stuff.  Maybe he’s a good dancer.   I hope not, just for the joy of watching him not do well.   Maybe he’ll take home the gold, actually I do hope that, well maybe 2nd place because I would like to see him dancing as much as possible.

Tucker Carlson on Dancing with the Stars.   My happiness knows no bounds


4 thoughts on “Hee – hee

  1. Hey Fab, why are you always putting down women’s crushes? Jealous much?

    Hi Libra! I thought it was about time I came and visited you. Don’t know what took me so long.

    Congrats on being stalked!

  2. I am really sorry. I am such a bad stalker. I forgot to put something about you on my blog today. Never fear, I have managed to right that situation. Will you ever forgive me for being a bad stalker?

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