Replay of an old post but it makes me laugh.

This is one of my favorite emial conversations between me and J at work.  It started with me telling her a  joke from The Aristrcrats

Robin Williams tells it.  The joke is

An Orthodox Jew walks into a bar with a frog on his head.  The bartender says, where did you get that.  The frog says  Brooklyn, they are all over the place.

No, it’s not the funniest joke ever, but it started this.  (For those that read this already, sorry, hope you enjoy it.

Now you have to know a little back story before I do the conversation. In the Aristocrats, which is about a joke that isn’t really a joke, Basically, it’s the joke comedians tell each other. I can’t do it justice, just check out the website and trailer. It’s filthy and gross and really really funny.

During the credits, they are showing clips of all the comedians and Robin Williams tells the above joke. I told J and something about it struck her as hysterical and she was crying from laughing so hard. The converasation that followed (by email) was strange but try to follow our train of thought. Most people give up trying to do that, we get it, others, not so much.

J- I’m still laughing
Me – of course – frog jokes are always funny – cause ya know – frogs can’t talk
J- I don’t know what struck me so funny. I guess b/c I am picturing Robin williams telling the joke
Me – that would do it. That and the talking frog. I have a strange fasination with talking frogs
J- and a frog collecting jews. Instead of man collecting the frog I think a talking frog would be fasinating- if they were real
Me – And the frog collecting jews – Would he keep us in a case. Do you think he would be afraid of getting a circumsision like people are afraid of getting warts from a frog
J – he’d probably keep you in a shoe box (very appropriate for you) with holes poked into it

Me – If it’s a nice shoe box and he gives us some cheese – It could be a nice life
J- As long as it’s kosher
Me- Frogs keep kosher? Cause frog legs aren’t a kosher item
J – Frogs don’t but if they want to collect jews they have to get kosher food – I thought if it was in kosher aisle in the supermarket, that made it kosher
Me – No- it’s kosher if it’s not French – and since Frogs (and monkeys) are all french – although only the monkey gets to wear pants, it’t not kosher
J- I wear pants. Does that make me a monkey. Because I don’t like monkeys. I like The Monkees. Mike Nesmith is my favorite. His mom invented Liquid paper
Me – Your not french – ergo you aren’t a monkey. If you want to me a Monkee – they are always looking for replacements
J- I don’t want to be a monkee – I want to be a lumberjack

Me – swinging from tree to tree, with you best pal by your side
J- either that or a lion tamer


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  1. First, I’m going to get that movie.

    Second, frogs afraid of getting circumsized, is funny. I can see this conversation getting out of hand. And RW can make anything hysterical.

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