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Real, Not Real or way to much alcohol

J loves her fish (Fishy Fishy Fishy)  so she saw this and got hysterical.  I personally think it fake, but it is funny


My princess

As many of the 6 people who read this blog know, (or maybe you don’t) I babysit my neice every Wednesday night since my sister works that night.   It’s fun and always helps me because I get pissed off and stressed out at work, but then I go see my princess and she smiles and hugs me and then I realize that – who cares if my desk is backed up, in the long run, don’t matter.   What does is that laugh and smile and hug.  So Wednesdays, favorite day of the week

Last night I went to pick her up from daycare and the teacher said her allergies were bad and her eyes were itchy and her nose was running.  No prob, I have allergies, my sister has allergies (can an kid get allergies from her family if there isn’t blood relationship) so I would give her some Zyterc (sp) and be done.    But something was off.   She was happy, but not as happy, she was funny, but not as funny.  She laughed but not as hard.   So I felt her keppie (head for all you non-jews) and she was warm.  But she’s always warm so I couldn’t tell.   Time to call the doctor (her mother, my sister, the pediatrician) and ask.   She said give her Advil just in case.  If she is getting a fever, it could be preventive, if she has one, it will help.  So I did.  And then the princess went to get her green chair and carried it into her room.  She told me to sit in the rocking chair and she was going to sit in her green chair and I was to read to her.  So I did.  3 books.  Then she went to lean to get another book and the chair tipped backwards (one of those kid chairs) she didn’t get hurt but she cried and I picked her up.   She was having none of that.  She got down, picked up the chair and was very mad at it.   She tried to get me to open the door so she could put it in the hallway.   I said I would take it when she went nite-nite.  So she put the chair in a corner as punishment.  It was so cute, she’s crying and punishing a chair.   Then tried to climb into her crib.  So I put her down, put on her music and sit down.  The first song is Twinkle Twinkle, she was out before the first twinkle.

I guess she had a little fever, but will talk to my sister today to see.   My poor princess.  A little sick girl.  But still the cutest 22 month old in the world.

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