Saw this at Kimmy’s and just copied it to here.   I ordered a bracelet.  Won’t you.  It’s a good cause and not only will it help people we don’t know, it will help Kimmy, who we do and know and love.

I learned about Baylie completely by accident a few months ago… before my last operation. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to post about her, but I truly believe in God’s timing!

You know my story. You’ve heard the diagnoses, the symptoms and the surgeries. You know about the increase in pain and symptoms and the “end of the road” for me in terms of a cure or even a way to help ease it all.

Baylie is a six year old little girl diagnosed with two diseases I have… Arnold Chiari Malformation and Pseudotumor Cerebri. She has an LP shunt and has had two brain operations so far for her Chiari.

Today Baylie is having another operation. The doctor is going to replace her LP shunt. Please pray for Baylie and her family as they endure yet another bump in the road to recovery. Please pray that Baylie will grow to live a life free from pain and the horrible symptoms that go along with these terrible diseases.

Baylie has already done such wonderful things with her young life. Baylie decided to make and sell beaded bracelets. Then she donates the money she makes to research. Research for Pseudotumor Cerebri and Arnold Chiari Malformation. Both diseases are known as “orphan diseases” meaning no-one knows how they start and not many want to put the money (or effort) into researching it. To date Baylie has collected over $98,027.00 from her bracelet sales/donations and has given the money to Dr. Frim of the University of Chicago.

Let’s help Baylie give much more. I’m taking orders for her bracelets (and her t-shirts… *front* “I’ve really had brain surgery. What’s your excuse?” *back* “”). Bracelets are made with either glass or plastic beads. Some are made with both. Each bracelet contains at least one blue bead as her middle name is Belewe. Please e-mail me with your orders or contact Baylie’s mom. Bracelets are a donation of at least $5 each. The t-shirts are $11 for kids and $14 for adults.

I’m already collecting orders from some friends and family. I’m trying to do my part by giving Baylie money for her bracelets… not the shipping. So when the orders are received I will mail them to you to save her the shipping cost. Please remember Baylie is having surgery today so orders will most likely be postponed for a short time period.

I know for some time you guys have asked/wished for something to do to help me. I would love for you guys to help out in this way. Thank you, thank You, THANK YOU!!!!